Free Pyrotechnic Information

Free Pyrotechnic Information

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This page contains links to many web sites that have firework formulas , pyrotechnic projects, articles on firework and pyrotechnic chemistry.

Chemistry of Fireworks
ALL ABOUT FIREWORKS http://www.elitepyrotechnics.com



Chemistry http://www.engr.wisc.edu
By Nicholas Mueller
The Chemistry of Fireworks

Chemistry & Physics of Color http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu
Chemical of the Week -- Fireworks!

Physics of Color http://cc.oulu.fi/~kempmp/colours.html
By Pet ri Pihko
The Physics of Coloured Fireworks

Chemistry & Physics of Color http://chemistry.about.com/library
Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.
Chemistry of Firework Colors ,

The Chemistry of Fireworks http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/webprojects1997
The Chemistry of Fireworks

The Chemistry of Fireworks http://more-pyrotechnics.com
Chemistry of Pyrotechnics

The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics http://www.pyropage.50megs.com/sciproj.htm
The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics

The Chemistry of Fireworks http://pyro-materials.net

Physics of Fireworks http://library.thinkquest.org/15384/physics
physics of aerial shell fireworks

Estimating the Size of Fireworks in the Sky http://www.efg2.com/Lab
Fireworks, Half a Dozen Pi's, and the Fourth of July
While watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, here’s how to estimate how big those bursts of fire are in the sky:

The Chemistry of Fireworks http://pubs.acs.org/cen/whatstuff/stuff/7927sci3.html

Incandescence and Luminescence http://www.csem.caltech.edu/material_of_month/fireworks.html
Incandescence and Luminescence

The Chemistry of Fireworks http://www.pyrocanada.ca/fireworks.html
Pyrotechnics Canada

The Chemistry of Fireworks http://www.pyrotechnist.com
The Physics of Colored Fireworks & Pyrotechnics
How Fireworks Works ? Pyrotechnics FAQ The Physics of Colored Fireworks & Pyrotechnics
Pyrotechnic Formula Sites
Pyrotechnic Formula http://www.cannonfuse.com/formulas/index.asp
A Collection of Pyrotechnic Compositions
A Collection of Pyrotechnic Compositions

Pyrotechnic Formula http://www.cannonfuse.com/documents/pyro.doc A Collection of Pyrotechnic Compositions in a MS Word Document in a word do

PyroWiki http://www.pyroguide.com
A Collection of Pyrotechnic Compositions

Pyrotechnic Formula http://www.pyrocreations.com/pyrotechnic_information
Pyrocreations - Pyrotechnic Information
A Collection of Pyrotechnic Compositions

Pyrotechnic Formula http://members.shaw.ca/gryphon223/PFP
PFP Database - Contents
A Collection of Pyrotechnic Compositions

Pyrotechnic Formula http://www.wfvisser.dds.nl/compoDB.html
A collection of pyrotechnic compositions
A collection of pyrotechnic compositions

Pyrotechnic Composition Index
Pyrotechnic Project How To Sites
Pyrotechnic Projects http://www.frogfot.com/pyro.html
p yrotechnic projects.

Pyrotechnic Projects

Cannon Fuse


cannon fuse
Detailed Pyro Projects

Pyrotechnic Projects

United Nuclear


Chemistry Experiments & Fireworks

Pyrotechnic Projects

Pyro creations


Pyrotechnic Information
You will find an array of of pyrotechnic information from customers and from all over the web. We give the name and basic uses of each chemical in the pyrotechnic industry plus tons of info in which is growing each day with the help of our customers. We offer below over 800 Formulas to choose from. Scroll down the page to see what we have for you. Click on the links to view some of the formulas.

Pyrotechnic Projects, Formulas & Manufacturing Technique



A pyrotechnic knowledge base that anyone can edit.

Pyrotechnic Projects, Formulas & Manufacturing Technique Dan Williams, Amateur Pyro technician

Dan Williams, Amateur Pyrotechnician
These pages will teach you a few things about how to create art with light from the combustion of energetic materials. The information is geared for the limited budget amateur who creates his art for the sole purpose of giving delight to his friends and neighbors without thought for commercial gain.

Pyrotechnic Formulas

PFP Data Base


PFP Database - Contents
These pages contain descriptions of pyrotechnic compositions.

Pyrotechnic Projects, Formulas & Manufacturing Technique http://www.wfvisser.dds.nl/indexEN.html
Wouter's Practical Pyrotechnics page
One of the purposes of this this page is to make pyrotechnics as a hobby more accepted and liked. Another reason is to shift some people's interests from making only loud bangs to more interesting and effect full pyrotechnics. Furthermore, I hope that this page can provide beginners in pyrotechnics a safe start by providing some practical information. I required quite some time finding the information I needed and hope to save other people some time.

Pyrotechnic Projects, Formulas & Manufacturing Technique http://www.wichitabuggywhip.com

Notes on Fireworks
Notes on Fireworks

Pyrotechnic Projects, Formulas & Manufacturing Technique Pretty Green Flames Pyro

Pretty green flames pyro

Pyrotechnic Projects Inferno labs

Inferno Labs - Pyrotechnics and Rocketry
Welcome to the projects section, the main section of Inferno Labs. Here you can find info on all of the devices I have made, videos of them in action, construction tips and techniques, and full tutorials.

Pyrotechnic Projects http://www.jackerypyro.com/projects.html
Jackery's Pyro
Here are instructions for making various pyrotechnic devices.

Pyrotechnic Projects http://www.vk2zay.net/article.php/3
VK2ZAY's Website
Various pyrotechnic projects

What Every Pyro Should Know
What Every Pyro Should Know

Pyrotechnic Projects http://www.mopyro.us/Whistle.htm
Build A Number Six Rocket
Build a 6# whistle rocket This article deals with the construction of a quick, easy, reliable rocket that can be scaled up or down to almost any size.

How Fireworks Work: The "Bang!" Behind the Beauty

FAQ http://www.faqs.org/faqs/pyrotechnics-faq

rec.pyrotechnics FAQ
This file contains basic details, safety information and answers to frequently asked questions about pyrotechnics.

Pyrotechnic Projects http://www.thegreenman.me.uk/
The Green Man
Fireworks Art & Labels
Firework Labels http://www.firework-art.com
firework art
An evocative look at a century of British fireworks and Bonfire Nights, seen through the artwork of their labels, posters and brochures

Firework Labels http://www.fireworkmuseum.co.uk
Maurice Evan's Firework Heritage Museum
Many labels will print at at original size to allow a reconstruction of a vanished item, some photos of the actual item are a little blurry, but its them or none at all of these precious memories of November nights long past! The bulk of these items are from the 1960s, 70s and 80s..........before the days of the British Standard.

Firework Labels http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks
The Underappreciated Art of Firecracker Labels

Firecracker Labels http://crackerpacks.com
Firecracker Labels
Thanks for checking out my site. I have over 400 labels available for you to enjoy. Most are from my personal collection, although some have been loaned to me so that I could share them. Click on the links for the different classes to load the links to the individual labels. Have fun and hopefully some will bring back nice memories.

Pyrotechnics File Upload http://pyrotechnics.no-ip.org
This site is dedicated to pyrotechnics related files
This site is dedicated to pyrotechnics related files.
Fireworks Displays
Fireworks Display Guide http://www.fireworksguide.com

Fireworks Displays and Shows Worldwide
List of large fireworks Displays around the world.

Fireworks Display Guide http://www.montreal-fireworks.com
Montréal International Fireworks Competition
Montreal Fireworks Competition.

The Festival for pyrotechnical arts
Cannes became a pioneer in "pyro musical" events in 1967, when the City founded a competition during which the participants could present complete shows, i.e. : a firework shot from the sea, on barges mooring in the bay of Cannes, with a musical background and telling a story, all articulated around one major theme.

Fireworks events of Summer 2006 in major cities in Japan
Fireworks events of Summer 2006 in major cities in Japan

World Pyro Olympics - The Greatest Show in the World
The World Pyro Olympics is an annual international competition amongst the most prestigious fireworks companies in the world. Nine international participants will showcase the best of classical pyrotechnic displays. On the final eve of the event, the sky will be illuminated by the La Mancha Fellowship of Fire pyrotechnic display -a joint fireworks display from the nine countries and the organizer, La Mancha Pyro Productions.
Fireworks Photography Guides

PHOTOGRAPHING FIREWORKS http://www.fireworks.co.uk/abt/photography.html Fireworks can be a very difficult subject to photograph, the main problem being exposure, but with a little knowledge, care and planning, and the expectation of an above average failure rate some very satisfying results can be achieved. In fact it is the very nature of the element of chance which makes the good shots so pleasing to the photographer

PHOTOGRAPHING FIREWORKS http://www.calphoto.com/firework.htm Inexact recommendations for an inexact shooting situation! Here are some helpful recommendations, things to keep in mind before you venture out to shoot fireworks. Please remember that these are my own opinions. Every shooting situation is different and contains its own set of variables.

PHOTOGRAPHING FIREWORKS http://www.stonephoto.biz/july02phototips.htm The 4th of July means Fireworks. Every year many Stone Photo customers try to capture the spectacular images exploding in the night sky on film with disastrous results. Fireworks are among the most difficult objects to photograph however with the proper setup and a little luck, you can have great results and great photos.

PHOTOGRAPHING FIREWORKS http://www.elitepyrotechnics.com/photography.asp Whiz, boom, sizzle! Fireworks paint the sky with a myriad of colors. You too can light up people's faces when they see what great shots you've captured. But you need to know these "tricks" to get great photos.

PHOTOGRAPHING FIREWORKS http://www.zambellifireworks.com/photos.html Here are a few fireworks photo tips from Zambelli's patriarch, George R. Zambelli that any photo enthusiast can use:


Japanese Hanabi Sites in English

Hanabi http://www.japan-fireworks.com/eindex.html Fireworks! They color the night sky beautifully. Fireworks displays and events are held various places in Japan throughout the year not only on summer nights. This page attempts to introduce attractiveness of Japanese fireworks and gives information of various fireworks. (We call them "HANABI " ). I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy Japanese fireworks.

Hanabi http://www.mof.co.jp/eng  

Hanabi http://www.hanabi.co.jp

English Translation
Information on Japanese fireworks



Hanabi - Japanese Fireworks By Diana Lee

Japanese Shell Building http://www.art-ichiyama-hanabi.com

English Translation
Check out this great series of videos showing how one fireworks company in Japan makes paper ball shells from start to finish.You don’t have to be able to read Japanese to understand it.

Pyrotechnic Association Journals, Publications and Magazine
Western Pyrotechnic Association http://www.westernpyro.org The WPA was founded in 1989 by a few pyrotechnic enthusiasts who decided a west coast based organization was long overdue. In the spirit of the PGI and other pyrotechnic organizations, we wanted a network of close friends we could share our love for fireworks with and to hold events that were both entertaining and educational.

Pyrotechnics Guild International http://www.pgi.org The Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc., founded in 1969, is an independent worldwide nonprofit organization of amateur and professional fireworks enthusiasts.

American Fireworks News http://www.fireworksnews.com Your best source for information about fireworks. They have books, videos, trade directories and monthly newsletters all about fireworks.

National Pyrotechnics Association http://www.nationalfireworks.org The National Fireworks Association is an organization composed of individuals and companies dedicated to the safe use of fireworks.  Formed in 1992 through the foresight of President Emeritus Cam Starr, the  NFA goal is to to protect the rights of individuals and companies to utilize and enjoy fireworks.  We represent individuals and industry to the various Federal and State agencies which regulate fireworks.  Safety is a key concern.

American Pyrotechnics Association
The APA is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry.

The European Pyrotechnic Arts News http://users.pandora.be/epan The European Pyrotechnic Arts News is a magazine dedicated to the Art, Culture, History and Science of Fireworks in Europe and the World. The EPAN is a high quality, full co lour, well illustrated, semi-professional publication in the English language and intended for anybody with an interest in fireworks


Pyrotechnic Forums

Forum http://www.apcforum.net/forums
Amateur Pyrotechnics and Chemistry Forum
Amateur Pyrotechnics and Chemistry Forum

Forum http://www.pyrosociety.org.uk/forum UK Pyrotechnics Society Forums

Forum http://www.pyrosummit.com/phpBB2 Pyrosummit.com

Forum http://pyrotechniques.org/forum Pyro techniques dedicated to the safe practice of the pyrotechnic arts

Forum http://www.pyrosource.com/forums/index.php Pyro source enter the amazing world of pyrotechnics

Forum http://www.phpbbcity.com/forum Pyrocreations.com

News Group http://groups.google.com/group/rec.pyrotechnics Fireworks, rocketry, safety, & other topics.


Pyrotechnics (Fireworks) History

History http://www.twilightbridge.com/festivals
History of Fireworks
History of Fireworks

History http://www.pyrouniverse.com/history.htm History of Fireworks & Gunpowder 

History http://www.chemistry.org History of Fireworks

History http://www.fireworks.co.uk/heritage/history.html  

History http://www.historylink.org/essays Hitt’s Fireworks: Lighting Up the Skies from Columbia City (Seattle)

History http://www.fireworks.com/safety/fireworks-history.asp FIREWORKS UNIVERSITY : HISTORY OF FIREWORKS

History http://www.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/en/forschung War By Other Means: the Art and Science of Fireworks in Europe, 1500-1850Simon Werrett

History http://www.brown.edu/Facilities/University

Dupee Fireworks Collection Recent Additions

History http://www.onlinefireworks.co.uk  

History http://www.totse.com/en/bad_ideas  

History http://science.enotes.com  

History http://www.totse.com/en/hanabi.html History of Japanese Fireworks

History http://www.pyrocanada.ca/fireworks.html  


Pyrotechnic Pictures and Videos

Videos http://thefireworkschannel.com The Fireworks Channel is an internet channel exclusively dedicated to showcasing the best videos, photos, stories, information, and links about fireworks worldwide.The Fireworks Channel is an internet channel exclusively dedicated to showcasing the best videos, photos, stories, information, and links about fireworks worldwide.


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